Helping Twitter To Combat Spam

Twitter Rule Changes

On February 21, 2018 Twitter published new developer rules for automation and the use of multiple Twitter accounts.

The rules basically boil down to this, to the extent that our service is affected:

Do not allow users to select more than one Twitter account when they create a tweet.

We’ve implemented the necessary changes in our service to comply with the new Twitter rules.

Going One Step Further

In addition, we have also implemented the following tweet throttling rule, which applies only to tweets published to Twitter via our service:

Across all the Twitter accounts linked to your SocialOomph account, the same tweet can only be published once every 24 hours (we refer to this as the duplicate content blackout period).

Even though you might still be able to schedule the same tweet to be published to different Twitter accounts in the same rolling 24-hour period, at publishing time we will publish the first copy of the tweet, and then reject any duplicates for 24 hours after that, across all your linked Twitter accounts.

The moral of this story is: Create unique content for Twitter. They hate duplicate content.

New Rules Apply To All Applications

The new Twitter developer rules apply to all applications that use Twitter’s API. If you happen to  find one that still offers multi-account tweet posting capabilities, know that using it violates Twitter’s rules and could result in the suspension of your Twitter account.

Twitter has even removed multi-account posting capabilities from their own product, TweetDeck.

Implementation Date

The above changes to our service went live on February 22, 2018.


Please refer any queries or concerns with the new Twitter policy to Twitter Support.