URL Click Tracking Now Available

We have implemented our own URL shortening service, dld.bz, which is now the default shortening service in SocialOomph.

With it, you now get statistics on the clicks on your shortened URLs.

You don’t need to register anywhere or do anything extra. If you have a SocialOomph account, you already have access to dld.bz, and your account is already using the dld.bz service to shorten your links.

All you need to do is view your click stats with “Statistics” in the menu.

If you’re using the authenticated bit.ly option, you can continue to do so. If you prefer to use our dld.bz service, simply remove your bit.ly login and API key information from your SocialOomph account. Our system will immediately start shortening your URLs using dld.bz.

URLs can only be shortened with dld.bz from within your account in the SocialOomph system. We do not allow general public access to the shortening service.

The URL shortening and click tracking service is available to everyone with a SocialOomph account, free and Professional, at no charge.

Scheduled Site Maintenance, Wednesday March 3rd

Please note that on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010, SocialOomph will be down for scheduled maintenance, starting at 5:00 PM EST.

We anticipate the outage to last a few hours. This outage is required to implement performance improvement measures.

After conclusion of the outage, account automation will pick up where it left off. No need to follow or DM anybody manually.

All other automation will be suspended for the duration of the outage.

Scheduled updates will be published when the system comes back online and hence, some updates will be published later than originally scheduled.

Schedule Posterous.com Posts With SocialOomph

In addition to being able to schedule blog posts for WordPress (wordpress.com and self-hosted), Tumblr.com, Blogger.com and any other blogging platform that supports the Blogger, Atom Post, metaWeblog, Moveable Type, or WordPress APIs, you can now also schedule and publish blog posts on your Posterous.com blogs.

This feature is available to SocialOomph Professional users.

RSS To Blog With SocialOomph

Not too long ago we announced that you can now write and schedule blog posts with SocialOomph.

We have now expanded that feature with “RSS to blog”.

What that means is you can now grab one or more (in fact as many as you like) RSS feeds and automatically create blog post entries from the RSS feed entries.

At the same time, you can also publish updates to social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) using those same entries on the RSS feed.

With SocialOomph it is now possible to populate your blog with hand-crafted scheduled blog posts, combined with posts that are created from external RSS feeds.

We use our existing Blog Feed feature for RSS To Blog, which means you can filter the RSS feed entries and only create a new blog post from them when they include certain keywords in the text.

RSS To Blog is a SocialOomph Professional feature.

You access it by:

  1. Adding your blog to your SocialOomph account.
  2. Adding a Blog Feed account, and selecting your blog (and other accounts) as the target for the Blog Feed.

One Blog Feed can feed as many blogs and social networking accounts as you want, and you can feed as many Blog Feeds into one blog and/or social networking account as you want.

Create A Free Extended Twitter/Social Profile With SocialOomph

The user profile or bio area that you have available on your Twitter account is very short and very limited. You can add a bit of text and one URL.

With our extended Twitter profiles you can:

  • Create a detailed profile with a lots of text.
  • Include as many hyperlinks in your extended profile as you want.
  • Format the extended profile with HTML tags in exactly the way you want.
  • Use a very easy WYSIWYG editor to write and format your extended profile.

The extended profile is hosted on our system, and we will automatically show your Twitter background on your extended profile, which means your visitor has a seamless experience between your Twitter account and your extended profile.

Your extended profile is linked to from the Web (or Twitter profile) URL that is available on your Twitter account.

The extended profile is linked to with either a long URL, or a shortened URL, according to your choice. If you have updated your SocialOomph account with your authenticated bit.ly account, then we create the short URL using your bit.ly account, which means you can track clicks to your extended profile.

You can also enable or disable user comments on your extended profile.

For an example, click the “Web” URL in our @SocialOomph Twitter account profile, or go directly to our extended social profile. You can have one just like it that you write yourself and that is styled in accordance with your Twitter account styling.

This new feature is gratis. It’s part of our free service offering and everyone can enjoy it.

Getting your own extended social profile is super easy:

  1. Register a free account on SocialOomph.com.
  2. Add your Twitter account to your SocialOomph account.
  3. Select “Social Accounts, Extended Profiles” from the menu and write your free profile.

New: Schedule Blog Posts for WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and more

We further increased the already rich feature set of SocialOomph and your value for money.

You can now add blogs to your portfolio of social accounts in your SocialOomph account, and schedule feature-rich blog posts for those blogs.

It is now a snap to fully integrate your social information distribution activities from one central platform, namely SocialOomph.

Schedule your tweets, Facebook (profile and page) updates, and blog posts all in one go. See in one glance how they all fit into an integrated timeline. And automatically update your Twitter and Facebook accounts when a new blog post is published with our existing Blog Feed feature.

You can add many types of blogs.

WordPress (hosted on wordpress.com and self-hosted), Blogger, Tumblr, Drupal, Joomla! and more.

In fact, as long as your blog has one of the following remote publishing APIs, you can schedule posts for it: WordPress API, metaWeblog API, Movable Type API, Blogger API, and Atom API.

You can add and manage as many blogs as you want in your one SocialOomph account.

The blogging feature is available to SocialOomph Professional users, and is included in the existing low monthly fee.

We realize this is a major new feature, so we have reset the free trial on everyone’s accounts. You can now again take the 7-day trial of Professional, even if you have already done so in the past. We have also extended existing running trials by an additional 5 days.

New Feature: Facebook Integration

We have great news for you if you want to schedule updates for your Facebook account.

You can now add your Facebook account into your list of accounts in SocialOomph, and schedule status updates that will be published at the dates and times of your choosing.

In addition, you can also add any Facebook Page of which you are an Administrator, and schedule Wall posts for it.

We use Facebook’s secure Connect technology to connect to your Facebook account, which means you never need to give us your login credentials.

To access the new Facebook integration, login to your SocialOomph account, and click Accounts, Add Account in the menu.

Facebook integration is available to SocialOomph Professional users, and is included in the low monthly subscription fee (no raising of fees here).

If you have not already done so, take the completely free 7-day trial of Professional today and check it out for yourself.

Super-Charge Your Twitter Lists With SocialOomph

The Lists feature of Twitter is an excellent way of organizing your friends and followers, and we have integrated the building and maintenance of lists into SocialOomph to give you even more power and convenience.

For Free and Professional Users

When you vet your new followers, you can also select the Twitter list to which a follower must be added for each follower that you approve. This functionality is only available if you’ve turned on new follower vetting on your Twitter account entry.

For Professional Users Only

As you probably know, with Friend Finder you can find potential new friends who tweet about keywords of your choice.

With our Twitter Lists integration, you can instruct the system to add new friends (after they’ve been approved) to a list of your choice.

You can connect a Twitter list to one specific keyword, or to several keywords.

For example, you could define a keyword of “@yourusername” (which will find people who mention you) and create a private list called “Mentioned Me”, which you connect to that keyword. Friend Finder will then add (after approval) the people who mention you to your Mentioned Me list.

We will maintain the list for you and automatically rotate the oldest entries out when the list reaches its maximum size of 500 Twitter users (you can also specify a smaller list size that we should maintain). In other words, your list will always contain the latest 500 (or a smaller size of your choice) friends that were found and approved by Friend Finder.

Nothing prevents you from manually adding Twitter users to the same lists in your Twitter web interface. Our system will not touch those entries in the list when the list reaches its maximum size. We rotate out only entries that were added to the list by Friend Finder.

As always, this Professional feature is included in the low monthly subscription fee.

Recurring Tweets On Twitter Accounts Have Been Discontinued

On Monday, October 12th, 2009, Twitter communicated to us that recurring tweets are in violation of their Terms of Service. Twitter’s rationale centered around the potential for recurring tweets to result in duplicate tweets.

The content of the communication is extracted for your benefit below:

Recurring Tweets are a violation no matter how they are done, including whether or not someone pays you to have a special privilege. We don’t want to see any duplicate tweets whatsoever- They pollute Twitter, and tools shouldn’t be given to enable people to break the rules. Spinnable text seems to just be a way to bypass the rules against duplicate updates and essentially provides the same problems.

Hence, from Thursday, October 15th, 2009, 00:00 AM CST we will prevent are preventing the entry of recurring tweets on Twitter accounts within the SocialOomph system. Existing recurring tweets on Twitter accounts will all be placed have all been placed in paused state at that time, so that the content of the tweet text is still accessible to you, but no publishing to Twitter of those tweets will take is taking place.

Recurring tweets scheduled for other social services are not affected by this change. Other scheduled tweets are also not affected by this change.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but it is important to us to keep our system in good standing with Twitter.

Brief Outage That Causes 404 Not Found On Sunday

On Sunday, October 4th, 2009, we changed the IP address of SocialOomph.com.

For a brief period you will get a 404 error.

The new IP address takes a while to propagate to all the DNS servers across the Internet.

If it has been a day or more since Sunday and you are still seeing the 404 page, please clear your browser cache and cookies, and refresh the DNS cache on your local computer. You may also want to contact your ISP and ask them why their DNS server has not yet picked up the new IP address.

Rest assured, SocialOomph is up and running, and all automation is also working.