New Draft Tweets Will Save You A Ton Of Time

As you probably know by now, TweetLater is all about helping you being productive with your Twittering, and saving you time in the process.

We added a new feature where you can save drafts of tweets, which you then simply select when you compose a new tweet.

Granted, very few people write exactly the same tweet over and over. That’s not where the real power of draft tweets lies.

How often do you find yourself typing the same snippet of text, or copying and pasting the same URL into several tweets?

That’s where draft tweets will save you a lot of time.

Save those text snippets and/or URLs as “draft tweets” and select them from the drop-down list on the New Tweet page as you’re writing the new tweet.

This feature is available to everyone, i.e., TweetLater Free and TweetLater Professional users.

You create a draft tweet on the New Tweet page, by selecting the Save As Draft checkbox and clicking the Save button.

1 thought on “New Draft Tweets Will Save You A Ton Of Time

  1. Robert

    Can you tell me how I can remove any saved drat's that I no longer need ? And also where I can find the answer later or will you email me the answer ?

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