12-Hour Pause in New Follower Processing – March 14 7:30 AM EST

On Friday night the TweetLater database experienced problems. In the process of repairing the database, some of the records in the follower snap-shot tables were corrupted beyond repair.

To play it safe and not risk sending duplicate DM to your followers, we are rebuilding the follower snap-shots from scratch.

This process has started at around 7:30 AM EST on Saturday, March 14th, and will be completed at around 7:30 PM EST.

During this period you will not see any automation activities (follow, unfollow, welcome DM) happening on your Twitter account.

Normal new follower processing will resume after 7:30 PM EST.

Please check the “Auto Stats” menu tab in your TweetLater account.

Any followers who followed you before the later of 7:30 AM EST and the last auto run shown in Auto Stats will not be processed. They are included in the new snap-shot that we take, and hence will not be identified as new followers. After 7:30 PM EST processing will again be back to normal.

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