Rookie Mistake Amuses Village Children

Last night a real rookie mistake with regex (regular expressions) caused some of our follower snapshots to become corrupted. Really badly corrupted.

The system is currently rebuilding all follower snapshots from scratch (April 10th, 2009 9:00 AM EST). This process will run until 12:00 PM EST.

The nett effect is that folks that followed you before 12:00 PM EST will not be processed. In other words, they will not be auto-followed and they will not receive your DM.

After 12:00 PM follower processing will resume as usual.

The rookie has been sent to stand in the village square so that all the children can ridicule him.

3 thoughts on “Rookie Mistake Amuses Village Children

  1. Jason Frovich

    Dewald,thanks, guess i didnt have much time this weekend to checkGreat new.yes its now working * Followed 7 new followers. * Sent DMs to 6 people. * Skipped 1 opted-out person.

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