Purge Your Direct Message Inbox with TweetLater

Tired of manually deleting hundreds of direct messages from your DM Inbox?

No need to do that anymore.

With TweetLater you can now run a purge on your DM Inbox, and delete all DMs, DMs older than 7 days, or DMs older than 30 days.

The feature is available to TweetLater Free and TweetLater Professional users.

To access it, login to TweetLater, click the blue DM menu tab in the top menu bar, and then the Purge DMs sub-menu tab.

11 thoughts on “Purge Your Direct Message Inbox with TweetLater

  1. joe

    yo – when are you going to get back online? what about a blog on the subject of how your site is down?

  2. ylluminate

    This seems like a handy function, but would like to see it made a bit more selective vs purging entirely (ie, based upon usernames or excluding certain names as well).

  3. FerreeMoney

    As you guys @ TweetLater keep adding new and useful Tools to offering, the more of us Tweet users are going to help you hit critical mass and I for one hope this happens!

  4. Tommy

    I don't see an option to turn OFF the DM deleter. Is there a way to turn it off. Evidently it is deleting all DM's except those in the last Two (2) days. Seems to have deleted All @replies.

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