TweetLater Follower Vetting Improved – See How Others Decided

As you probably know, the new follower vetting feature of TweetLater is very popular and very powerful in helping you follow only those folks you want to follow and yet enjoy the time-saving benefits of automation at the same time.

If you haven’t tried it yet, please do so. Follower vetting interrupts the auto-follow process for 72 hours and gives you the opportunity to decide whether you want to follow, ignore, or block a new follower.

Up to now you’ve been able to define your rules, which pre-selected the decisions for you so that you could quickly scan the list and record the decisions. But, you had no insight into how other people decided over the same followers. Did they approve the person, ignore the person, or block the person? You didn’t know.

We have now added aggregate (and anonymous) information to each new follower that will tell you what percentage of people approved the person, what percentage ignored the person, and what percentage blocked the person.

We hope this helps you keeping your Friends list in high quality, and getting rid of Twitter spammers.

To activate follower vetting on your Twitter account, login to TweetLater, click the Accounts menu tab and then the List Accounts sub-menu tab. Then click the Edit link of your Twitter account.

Select the vet new followers option. Important: You must also select either the auto-follow option or the welcome note option (or both), for follower vetting to work. If you don’t select either of those options, then there will never be anything to vet.

We’ve just switched on this feature on May 18, 2009. Over the coming weeks and months you will see more and more followers with percentages greater than zero, as we accumulate everyone’s decisions.

As part of this enhancement, and since we now keep a history of your decisions, you will now also never see the same follower more than once in your vetting list. That will deal very sweetly with the people who play the follow, unfollow, follow, unfollow game.

4 thoughts on “TweetLater Follower Vetting Improved – See How Others Decided

  1. Alrady

    This sounds really SWEET Until recently I didnt' realise there was a problem like you mentioned. This will be so helpful THANKS

  2. datadirt

    YES! The new vetting features are just brilliant. In the beginning I had vetting turned off, but as Twitter becomes more and more spammy, this is a perfect tool. Love the crowdsourcing-score idea, and one little detail you changes – the display of the overall number of users to vet – is also very helpful.

  3. josh

    is there any way to customize the waiting period or is it fixed at 72 hours? At minimum, putting this information somewhere on the automated vetting settings would be helpful since the default actions were being applied to my list before I got a chance to manually review.

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