TweetLater Rolls Out Integrated DM Manager With Automated SPAM Control!

Nobody needs to tell you that direct message SPAM is ever increasing on Twitter. Just try and wade through your DM inbox on some days.

We have just launched our brand-new integrated Direct Message Manager, where you can manage the DMs of all your Twitter accounts on one single page, in one integrated view.

From that page you can DM the senders, unfollow or block them, forward the DM to someone else, and more.

But even more powerful are the SPAM rules that you can define. The system will apply your rules every time you open or refresh your Direct Message Manager, and get rid of any unwanted DMs.

You can tell the system to just delete a DM when you mark it as SPAM, or delete it and unfollow the person, or delete it and block the person, etc.

Furthermore, you can also enter keyphrases that we must monitor. If someone sends you a DM that contains one of those keyphrases, we will automatically apply your SPAM rules to that DM.

In addition, you can also tell the system to look at what other TweetLater users think of person who sent you a DM. If someone else has already marked it as SPAM, you can tell us to automatically mark it as SPAM on all your Twitter accounts as well.

The Direct Message Manager is available to TweetLater Professional users (and those on the free trial of TweetLater Professional).

In keeping with our commitment, this powerful new feature comes at no additional charge.

You can access the Direct Message Manager by logging in to your TweetLater account, clicking the DMs menu tab, and then the DM Manager sub-menu tab.

6 thoughts on “TweetLater Rolls Out Integrated DM Manager With Automated SPAM Control!

  1. datadirt

    Once again – thx for the brilliant work. I'm glad I bought a pro account in the beginning; there is hardly any other web service I know where so many useful features are constantly added. Great.

  2. Franchise Whale

    Super job guys. And by the way the email last week with the dangers of Follow/unfollow settings was a very unexpected welcome message. That can save people a major headache.

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