Changing Its Name To

From Monday, August 31st, 2009, will be no more and will be known as
SocialOomph Logo

The transition to the new name takes place over the weekend of August 29th and 30th.

Why The Change?

To date we have been focusing on providing productivity solutions for Twitter users. We decided to change our name to allow for future expansion into other social media solutions, and to ensure that our brand does not conflict with any current or future legal rights of the Twitter organization.

To allay any speculation, we want to make clear that this is an unsolicited, proactive and preemptive action on our side.

What Do You Need To Do?

TweetLater Users

To ensure that you enjoy an uninterrupted service, please do the following:

  1. In your email program or service, white-list the email address This will ensure that you continue to receive your keyword alerts, and other email communication from us.
  2. In your browser, update your bookmarks to point to This is for your convenience only. After the transition, all traffic to will be automatically redirected to
  3. If you are using a Status Feed, change “tweetlater” to “socialoomph” in the URL after August 31st. We will also automatically redirect your links to
  4. Your login credentials and the content of your account remain the same. No need to do or change anything.
  5. Look forward to new and exciting additions to our service!

TweetLater Professional Users

Apart from the recommended actions above, you do not need to change anything. Your subscription and your payments are not affected by this change.

TweetLater Affiliates

Your affiliate links to will continue to work and track into the future. We will automatically redirect your links to Your commissions are also unaffected.

Nevertheless, to avoid confusion in the marketplace, please do the following as soon as possible after August 31st:

  1. Update your affiliate links. You will need to change “tweetlater” to “socialoomph” in your links. The rest of the URL remains the same.
  2. Update the text of your promotional material to refer to SocialOomph instead of TweetLater.
  3. If you are using our banner graphics, we will replace the banner graphics with new ones that promote SocialOomph instead of TweetLater. The change-over should be seamless for you.

TweetLater API Users

After August 31st, please change “tweetlater” to “socialoomph” in your API call links. We will also automatically redirect any calls to well into the future.

A New Future

We are very excited about this change because it broadens our scope from providing you with productivity solutions for Twitter to providing you with productivity solutions for all your social media activities.

For you and for us this represents a giant leap forward, which will stack even more benefits on top of those that you are already enjoying.

Add some OOMPH to your social media activities!

54 thoughts on “ Changing Its Name To

  1. DavidaKhoa

    SocialOomph (TweetLater) is quite a useful feature! Just test-drived it and really liked it. Will use it on occasion. Looking forward to any new features in the future.

  2. Sun Yi -

    Just came back to Tweeting again after some time off, and noticed the name change. Everything seems to be fine from this end. Well done guys.

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