Super-Charge Your Twitter Lists With SocialOomph

The Lists feature of Twitter is an excellent way of organizing your friends and followers, and we have integrated the building and maintenance of lists into SocialOomph to give you even more power and convenience.

For Free and Professional Users

When you vet your new followers, you can also select the Twitter list to which a follower must be added for each follower that you approve. This functionality is only available if you’ve turned on new follower vetting on your Twitter account entry.

For Professional Users Only

As you probably know, with Friend Finder you can find potential new friends who tweet about keywords of your choice.

With our Twitter Lists integration, you can instruct the system to add new friends (after they’ve been approved) to a list of your choice.

You can connect a Twitter list to one specific keyword, or to several keywords.

For example, you could define a keyword of “@yourusername” (which will find people who mention you) and create a private list called “Mentioned Me”, which you connect to that keyword. Friend Finder will then add (after approval) the people who mention you to your Mentioned Me list.

We will maintain the list for you and automatically rotate the oldest entries out when the list reaches its maximum size of 500 Twitter users (you can also specify a smaller list size that we should maintain). In other words, your list will always contain the latest 500 (or a smaller size of your choice) friends that were found and approved by Friend Finder.

Nothing prevents you from manually adding Twitter users to the same lists in your Twitter web interface. Our system will not touch those entries in the list when the list reaches its maximum size. We rotate out only entries that were added to the list by Friend Finder.

As always, this Professional feature is included in the low monthly subscription fee.