URL Click Tracking Now Available

We have implemented our own URL shortening service, dld.bz, which is now the default shortening service in SocialOomph.

With it, you now get statistics on the clicks on your shortened URLs.

You don’t need to register anywhere or do anything extra. If you have a SocialOomph account, you already have access to dld.bz, and your account is already using the dld.bz service to shorten your links.

All you need to do is view your click stats with “Statistics” in the menu.

If you’re using the authenticated bit.ly option, you can continue to do so. If you prefer to use our dld.bz service, simply remove your bit.ly login and API key information from your SocialOomph account. Our system will immediately start shortening your URLs using dld.bz.

URLs can only be shortened with dld.bz from within your account in the SocialOomph system. We do not allow general public access to the shortening service.

The URL shortening and click tracking service is available to everyone with a SocialOomph account, free and Professional, at no charge.

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