The Folly Of The Facebook Real Name Process

On February 11th, 2014 the Facebook system unceremoniously disabled the personal Facebook profile of SocialOomph’s owner, Dewald Pretorius. They alleged that the profile “might not be real or does not represent a real person.” This profile has been in existence since 2008 and is connected to several people whom even a complete idiot can see are clearly family members.

The Facebook profile is the owner of the application, which grants SocialOomph authorization to integrate with Facebook. With the erroneous deactivation of the personal profile by Facebook, the SocialOomph application was also deactivated. This in turn negatively and severely impacted thousands of SocialOomph’s users, who post scheduled updates to their personal Facebook profiles, Facebook business pages, and Facebook groups via SocialOomph. Not only did their ability to publish updates via SocialOomph disappear, all their past published updates also disappeared from Facebook!

This erroneous and irresponsible behavior by Facebook not only adversely affected SocialOomph’s business, it also negatively affected the businesses of thousands of SocialOomph’s users.

A far superior way for Facebook would have been to not automatically deactivate the owner’s account, but to give him a reasonable period of time to “prove” that he is a real human being using his real name. At the very least they could do that with personal profiles that own active applications, business pages, or groups.

To unceremoniously and without notice disable everything owned by a “suspicious” account, and thereby impacting thousands of people and thousands of businesses, is grossly negligent and irresponsible.