Replies Digests Now Integrated With Keyword Alert Emails

Since Twitter has changed their display of @replies to also include what they now call @mentions inside the tweet text, we have decided to do away with the separate @replies digests that we used to send out.

However, don’t despair. They are not gone, they are now just integrated with the keyword alert emails that we send out.

If you had the @replies digest option enabled on your Twitter account entry, you will notice one of the following things happening:

1) If you had existing keyword alerts, your @replies will now be included in those emails. You don’t need to do anything.

2) If you did not have existing keyword alerts, the system has now created one for you with your @username as the keyword. We’ve set the default delivery frequency to once every 12 hours. You can change the frequency if you want to. Simply login and click the Keywords menu tab.

This change took effect on April 9th, 2009. You should receive your first email of @replies before the end of the day.