Delegate Your Twitter Account Management

As you probably know, when we launched TweetLater Professional we also built in a limit that you could add a particular Twitter account only to one TweetLater account.

That worked well for some folks, but quite a few had the need to allow others to also manage their Twitter account in TweetLater.

Take as an example Joan, who wanted to schedule tweets on her business Twitter account, but she also wanted Kelly, her assistant, to schedule tweets and manage the Blog Feed that posts the website’s RSS feed entries to the Twitter account.

Joan had to give her TweetLater password to Kelly, which was far from ideal because Joan also had her personal Twitter account in her TweetLater profile.

We have now added the ability to delegate the management of your Twitter account in TweetLater to as many people as you want. The only requirements are that you must have a TweetLater Professional account and so must the people you want to delegate to.

Now Joan can keep her TweetLater password a secret, and still give Kelly the full management rights to the business Twitter account. Kelly also does not need to know the password of the Twitter account.

As soon as Joan delegates the account to Kelly, she will see the account magically appear in her TweetLater list of accounts, and she can just start adding tweets. She can even manage the account in her TweetCockpit.

This new feature is also great for companies that want several employees to manage a Twitter account.

Take the case of a media company that has a VP of TV Stations, several regional managers, and the station heads of the different TV stations.

With this delegation, the PR Department can create a Twitter account for each TV station, and grant access to it in TweetLater to the VP, the regional managers, and the station managers.

The VP will have access to all the TV stations’ Twitter accounts, the regional managers will have access to the stations that fall under them, and each station manager will have access only to his station’s Twitter account.

They all can see what tweets the others are scheduling on the account, and they can add or modify as they see fit.

However, none of them ever need to know the passwords of the Twitter accounts. They only need to know the password of their TweetLater account.

Revoking access is just as easy. One simple click of a button and the account disappears from the other person’s portfolio of accounts.

That makes employee on-boarding and off-boarding a breeze because you simply grant or revoke access. You don’t need to change your Twitter password because it wasn’t known by the employee who has resigned.

It is truly a multi-person integrated management feature.

This new feature is included in the low monthly subscription price of TweetLater Professional.

If you already have a Professional account, then you already have access to it. There is a link to it on the List Accounts page.