TweetLater Launches Keyword Following With Automated Twitter Profile Filters

Something a lot of folks asked for in TweetLater is the ability to search for people to follow based on keywords.

We’ve listened to your requests and have now built in that feature.

For each of your Twitter accounts, you can specify a range of keywords. We search for Twitter users who have recently published tweets that contain those keywords.

But, we don’t stop there. We know that many spammy accounts, which you wouldn’t want to follow, might also tweet about those keywords.

So, we’ve given you the ability to automatically filter the Twitter profiles and ignore the spammy ones.

You can filter based on the following:

  • Keywords and text snippets contained in the profile bio, latest tweet, and Twitter username.
  • The age of the Twitter account.
  • Number of tweets.
  • Following-to-follower ratio.
  • Number of followers.
  • Number of friends.
  • The language of the tweets.
  • Whether or not other TweetLater users have marked as spam or blocked the Twitter user.

We take those Twitter users who pass through your filters and place them on a queue where you can cast a human eye over them and make the final decision whether you want to follow them or not. (You can also tell the system to skip this review step and auto-follow those profiles).

Furthermore, you can pause and unpause the TweetLater Friend Finder at your discretion, and you can even tell it to automatically pause when it has found a certain number of potential friends, or when your own following-to-follower ratio exceeds a certain percentage.

It’s power at your disposal to follow quality Twitter users while you remain 100% in control. And in the process we save you the hundreds of hours you would have spent to achieve the same results.

Keyword following is available to TweetLater Professional users and, as always, this new feature is included in the low monthly subscription fee.

If you are a Professional user, you already have access to and will find the TweetLater Friend Finder keyword following under the Followers item in the menu.

If you have not yet taken up the 7-day free trial of Professional, then now is a great time to do so.

Now you can say buh-bye to spammers!

3 thoughts on “TweetLater Launches Keyword Following With Automated Twitter Profile Filters

  1. datadirt

    What can I say except: the new friend-finder feature is brilliant an nicely integrated as always; no wonder you broke the 100k mark 🙂

  2. mrgarylee

    Be warned . . you can't access this feature in the free trial version, so don't sign up for it if you just want to try it out. TL Team . . . as you can tell, I can't find the friend finder feature on the site, so my free trial clock's just ticking away.

  3. Dewald Pretorius

    You can access it during the free trial. Click the Followers item in the menu. It's the two sub-menu items called “Configure Friend Finder” and “Keywords”. The potential friends will be placed in the “Vet New Friends / Followers” area.You may just need to Ctrl-Refresh your browser if the menu items are still showing in gray.

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