Which Of Your Twitter Followers Have The Most Clout?

If you have a few hundred or a few thousand followers, you will know how difficult it is to identify people from that list whom you would perhaps like to develop a better relationship with. It is a very laborious exercise to say the least.

Now we have made it extremely easy for you to do just that.

We call the new feature, “Followers With Clout”.

It analyzes all your followers and figures out who of them have the most people following them. In other words, we identify the folks who follow you who have the widest reach and audience for the tweets that they write.

You think it will benefit you if you could develop a working relationship with those folks, and have them tweet about you or your business to their followers? Of course it will.

Remember, these people are already following you. They have already expressed an interest in what you have to say. In addition, since they are following you, you can communicate with them in private via direct messages (just make sure you’re following them back before sending them a DM).

To access the Followers With Clout feature, login to your SocialOomph account, and click Followers, Clout in the menu.

It is available to SociaOomph Professional users and to people doing the Free Trial of Professional. As always, this new feature is included in the current subscription price of Professional.

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  1. @datadirt

    Once again you hit the spot… you new features amaze me every time – this is definitely one of the things I really wanted! thx for saving me even more time.

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