Recurring Tweets On Twitter Accounts Have Been Discontinued

On Monday, October 12th, 2009, Twitter communicated to us that recurring tweets are in violation of their Terms of Service. Twitter’s rationale centered around the potential for recurring tweets to result in duplicate tweets.

The content of the communication is extracted for your benefit below:

Recurring Tweets are a violation no matter how they are done, including whether or not someone pays you to have a special privilege. We don’t want to see any duplicate tweets whatsoever- They pollute Twitter, and tools shouldn’t be given to enable people to break the rules. Spinnable text seems to just be a way to bypass the rules against duplicate updates and essentially provides the same problems.

Hence, from Thursday, October 15th, 2009, 00:00 AM CST we will prevent are preventing the entry of recurring tweets on Twitter accounts within the SocialOomph system. Existing recurring tweets on Twitter accounts will all be placed have all been placed in paused state at that time, so that the content of the tweet text is still accessible to you, but no publishing to Twitter of those tweets will take is taking place.

Recurring tweets scheduled for other social services are not affected by this change. Other scheduled tweets are also not affected by this change.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but it is important to us to keep our system in good standing with Twitter.

107 thoughts on “Recurring Tweets On Twitter Accounts Have Been Discontinued

  1. Mike McQ

    So how are you "Social Oomph" going to provide the same service you were giving me, after the above date? All my revolving tweets where stopped last week, my stats plumetted! how are you going to circumvent this, can you?

      1. Mike McQ

        Using Social Oomph, How can I create individual tweets for my twitter account and still have them recurring every so often without voilating twitter duplicate post rules. i.e. If you post duplicate content over multiple accounts or multiple duplicate updates on one account. What is the threshold for duplicate message in a 24hr period?

      2. Florence

        so that means that I am goin to have to do what used to do before I paid for the service… Which really beats the point… Or I'll outsource so that some guy in India can spend all day long posting the very same tweets I used to have recurring, hence to vey same result for twitter… Reall don't see the point. Very disappointing indeed.

    1. Fred B

      Mike, the stuff you are auto posting is exactly the stuff Twitter wants to get rid of. That spammy crap is what we all can't stand. You're auto posting anti-aging wrinkle cream garbage. Technically, you are a perfect example of what Twitter is trying to fix. Please stop auto posting that crap.

      1. drd4U

        Fred I'm looking into Mike McQ – but personally- and please don't take this the wrong way, but personally, isn't there some other way to address the matter more professionally with Mike? Uh, an example of what I'm mentioning to you is that certainly you'd not want me to address your remarks as "crapp" even if I thought they were absolutely fascist in their basis, you wouldn't want to read or defend such a rude and crass remark, would you? And actually Twitter is becoming their own best carnivore on the road to not existing if they continue with this legalistic approach to network communications. So
        Fred I respect what you've mentioned from a material stance but find it hard to stomach a bit on the public relations platform? Sent with respect even though it might not seem so. drd

  2. Mindy

    This is a major disappointment and removes a hugely convenient time saving part of the service. Hopefully socialoomph's very creative engineers will come up with something even more helpful.

      1. guest1

        So, I would read this as if one has scheduled tweets that use the recurring feature (i.e. everyday, every 6 hours, etc) they no longer will work?

      2. brettbum

        What if I had a schedule tweet setup last week to recur this week (note I set my #ff items to recur every friday).

        Will my previously schedule tweet, recur for the 2nd time?

  3. psychotic1

    And how are these duplicate tweets considered "illegal"? If I tweet something that I tweeted a few days ago, will that be counted against me? For example, the Breast Cancer Awareness Twibbon. Since changing my avatar three times within two weeks and adding the Twibbon to the avatar changes, Twibbon sends a tweet to my followers telling them of this. Will that be counted against me?

    1. Ian

      I conclude from my own experience, where not having recurring tweets but repeated tweets blocked, yes. For instance, type "Having a coffee" on your stream, and under these new rules that tweet is gone for you forever

  4. Edward

    Seems this is greatly diminishing a valuable part of your service. When I schedule recurring tweets, I always go in and change them up some so they don't appear exactly the same again. Seems this is what Twitter has always wanted, no? So now, this won't even be available?? Not good.

    1. Allison

      YOU will still be able to go in and make changes to your saved Tweet and then schedule them for another time you just won't be able to leave them sitting there while SO makes them repeat on schedule.

  5. John Corbett

    I would think this new rule will take most of the "oomph" out of Socialoomph. I just upgraded and have finally gotten most of my tweets organized and scheduled the way I want them. That was time not so well spent. :S

    Would it be possible to set up a feeder system to feed a list of blogs to several accounts only with a delay between accounts. So a user could load 50 tweets into say 3 or more accounts and then have the system post the tweets one at a time to all of the accounts but not at the same time. My accounts have many followers in common so I don't want the same tweet showing up coming from all of my accounts at once. It would require more setup and maintenance by us but I believe it would be as beneficial as the recurring tweets. I also don't see any way Twitter could object or even know that we were doing that.

  6. @FrankSSN761

    Wow, this really is extreme. I have accounts set with hundreds of tweets that randomly select historical facts and send out. I have also set up "Days in History" to occur once a year. No way to manage all of that by hand. Not sure what I will do now. Like has been said – really takes the "oomph " out of it.

  7. Thomas Shea

    Can we still set up auto tweets…as many as we want as long as they are not the same in any way??? Like one every 5 minutes for 24 hours? And if so will they start over again the next day or is that the problem??? The repeating thing????

  8. Linda Daichendt

    As I am reading the comments to this blog posting, I guess I am not understanding the definition of a recurring tweet because some of your replies to comments seem to indicate that we CAN post items to repeat. Isn't that recurring? Does this mean that content of a tweet can not be repeated ever, or within a certain time period, or what? This whole thing is very confusing. Can you please explain in some way that is easier to understand exactly what we can do and exactly what we can't do – and don't quote Twitter's language because frankly their language is designed to be confusing. Frankly, I am quite disappointed in Twitter – the people who use it the most and find the most true benefit from it are the one's they are hurting with this policy – not a good way to make a successful business model going forward.

    1. @paul8368

      Linda, from my perspective I can understand Twitters position, I don't like the fact that I can nolonger schedule the repeating tweets, but at the same time I'm glad I won't be seeing them so much in my timeline. Spamming is easy in twitter and it really gets on my nerves as I have to scroll through so many messages to see the good content. If this helps, as I don't really believe it will. Then so much the better, it remains to be seen.

  9. taziah

    Yeah I agree…this is NOT good. 2 bad though….so other programs can still do it? I think I'll just have to update my tweets using a different service…and keep doing it every 10 minutes or so. Shouldn't be to tough. Just create a Microsoft Word File, or Excel file with your Tweets 'pre-configured'. Copy and paste them every few minutes. Not 2 tough.

  10. nunya biz

    Retardedly ridiculous.
    Seems as though we can still schedule tweets.
    They just can't be recurring.
    Which I guess ain't really all that bad.
    Still retardedly ridiculous, though.
    Simply due to the fact that it's going to be more time consuming.

  11. chris

    Has Tweet Adder and other services been given the same jibe? Twitter says it doesnt monitor content – how will it know.

  12. @UKProgressive

    Is the assumption that Twitter follows and objects to word for word copies of Tweet text?

    Is this not solved by giving yourself 10 or so characters at the end to add in different memes or make minor text adjustments to messages like the breast cancer awareness charity post. Is that not a variation and way to get the word out more than once?

    If you are constantly Tweeting the same message, how are you interacting anyways?

  13. Dan

    Hot damn… That's really screwed some plans I had for the next couple of weeks. Anyone come up with any ideas as to a workaround?

  14. Jonathan

    Unfortunately it is the few that scam Twitter with crap sites to go to and constantly throw up the same Tweets that stuff it up for us that I believe on Socialooph generally do the correct thing-This really could be a blessing in disguise-if you think it this way-every Tweet will be unique,the best written ones and great sites to go to will win-I have become fed up with the shit out there-Twitter had to do something to close this spam down-should appeal to better styles of advertising and hence more action for people that promote well-Life on the internet changes everyday,you just have to move on and compile to new rules-Always will stay with Socialoomp as I know you guys will jump on to this and how great you are doing this immediately-sure it will give you great standing with Twitter

    1. Allison

      If you read the blog again you will clearly see that your Tweets aren't going to disappear, they will still be there, they just won't automatically repeat…meaning you will have to go and reschedule them yourself…

  15. @inkyelbows

    I signed up for the Professional service because of SocialOomph's excellent Channel Monitoring, which enables me to easily set up and track the tweets of particular followers (e.g. editors, literary agents, etc.). I've found the Friend Finder very useful in tracking down people I want to follow.

    SocialOomph has a ton of other features which have helped me, but the two above have saved me the most time.

    I've also found SocialOomph's customer service to be EXCELLENT — all my inquiries have been addressed within 24 hours. Good customer service seems to be such a rare thing these days.

    I'm staying with the premium service.

  16. John

    So basically the 'recurrence' option will no longer be there? That means that anyone who has a large number of followers will not have most of their tweets seen, which almost makes tweeting useless. I only have about 5,000 friends/followers, and it's pretty common to have 50 – 100 tweets come in at the same time. Duplicate tweets at different times of the day gives you a chance to actually have your tweets seen by a higher percentage of followers. This new restriction sucks! So what now?

  17. Steve

    since i have global followers and thus set up my tweets 4 a retweet every 8 hrs……for a total of 3 occurences this has a major affect on me.

  18. Edward

    If I post (what used to be "recurring tweets") a tweet that is modified 5 different ways on 5 different dates in the future, does this pass Twitter's rules? And the recurring tweets I already had scheduled… if I modify all of those and set new dates in the future, won't they still post? Or are you disabling all the recurring tweets, regardless of whether they have been changed or not?

    Seems to me, if a user wants to post the same tweet (recurring) 10 times, you put the tweet in 10 times 10 different ways (manually), and they should still all post, is this correct?

    1. Dewald Pretorius Post author

      Your guess is as good as mine. Twitter is enforcing concepts such as "duplicate tweet" without supplying clear and unambiguous definitions of those concepts to either their user or developer communities.

      1. Frank

        Dewald, this sounds more like Google and their lack of guidelines. Didn't Twitter just get several hundred million in new "funding"? Maybe they need to buy some additional servers. Or, maybe this is the path to a PAID Twitter commercial account? After all, money talks.

  19. Allison

    People, you are really overreacting here. The truth is that recurring Tweets suck anyway. They are polluting Twitter. Think about it, if everyone who uses Twitter just came and did what you are doing, would there be any value in it at all?

    This is not as big a deal as you are making it out to be. Just go in once a week and schedule your Tweets for that week…if you want to be a spammer, then just manually reschedule your same Tweets from week to week or day to day…it isn't actually that difficult.

    BRAVO to Twitter and Social Oomph….I hope this eliminates a lot of the spammers, personally so Twitter can go back to how it was just a few months ago before all the media attention…

    1. Good Grief!

      Allison, as Twitter is 100% OPT-IN ( you must AGREE to get a Tweet from ANYONE ), your little spammer tirade doesn't cut it. Just because you don't like a tweet, or it's a commercial tweet, by nature a tweet CANNOT be unsolicited-you have to AGREE to get it. If you don't like tweets from a particular person, just UNFOLLOW THEM, and stop whining about spam.

    2. Bobby

      It does not eliminate the person who has 25 accounts and uses the very same Spam message on each one. I would rather that get fixed and that would get rid of most of the crap I get everyday. Just my perspective

  20. Ann

    for anyone who manages Twitter accounts for different clients, this isn't good. It's ok if you're posting what you had for breakfast. but, if you're using the system, not abusing it and sharing information to be used in different time zones…this puts a real kink in the way it's done. I had been using the free service until yesterday (lol) when I realized that many of my posts could be set up in an easier way with recurring tweets space 6-8 apart….set all of those up yesterday. Why doesn't Twitter focus on Britney Sucks or Horney Hotties?

    1. Nancy Brown

      Our company allows the business owner more time to run their business, while we take care of their social media accounts. We have used and and do not spam Twitter. We are there to monitor any activity and respond immediately to any negative or positive tweets. We market our clients the correct way and have had Chamber of Commerces nationwide, even Mayors of cities compliment us. We don't just tweet about the client's business. We tweet about the community. allows our clients peace of mind, and I will continue to use based on all of their other features such as TweetCockpit. I love being able to review the tweets and DM's of all accts at once.

  21. Steve

    i've read all the discussion thus far and no one, it seems, has asked this question:

    what happens when promoting the same webpage?

    I run multiple sites (my own and for clients) that have product and service landing pages I used Twitter to drive traffic and create brand awareness for these pages. so Im wondering will we get penalised for scheduling a series of uniquely written posts that promote the same URL?

    It would be a major drain development resources if I were to create different URLs for each tweet!

    Any guidance on this would be most welcome.

    1. Ralph

      You may want to set up your own, proprietary (non-public) URL shortener for that and simply assign different shortened URLs to your page.

  22. LauriBayless

    I don't think that I have actually seen a definition by SocialOomph or Twitter for "recurring" or "duplicate". Does this mean that if your tiny URL link to your blog (which by the way is usually always the same tiny URL) is used 3 times in a week within a new tweet means "recurring" or even "duplicate". Will this pause your tweet for investigation? Does duplicate or recurring mean exactly the same, changed somewhat, or one word/element is identical more than once?

    An explicit definition in the Terms of Service by all social media on "recurring" or "duplicate" would be nice to keep those of us who are not spammers working within the framework of the Terms without interruption to our comments.

  23. Nancy Brown

    Okay, Twitter is continually changing and evolving. This new requirement that we cannot post recurring tweets will most likely be across the board with all other types of services. So, I have an idea. I am planning to stay with Social Oomph as I love your other features. I own and manage Twitter, Facebook and TripAdvisor accts for businesses. I have started to end my recurring tweets on my clients and to set up separate tweets so I will be ready for the Oct. 15th deadline (which is my birthday by the way!). My idea is this: Can Social Oomph allow us to set up a tweet let’s say for once a week for 3 months, and then when we post that tweet it will appear as a separate tweet and not appear as a recurring tweet? This means instead of seeing one recurring tweet it will show up as 12 tweets? I am copying and pasting one tweet 12 times as I want to do 3 months of tweets at one time for my clients. It is driving me crazy as it is time consuming. You won’t believe how many accts I have to do this for! Contact me at for further clarification, but this has to be easy for you to do for us! If you can do this then I am sure no one will leave your service.

  24. Guy Siverson

    SocialOomph rocks with great customer service, friendly helpful advice and a strong committment to help.

    The main reason uses their professional service is because of the recurring tweets. I was getting ready to add my chocolate recipe index to my recurring tweets. However, according to these terms set forth if I share my “Candy Bar Pie” recipe and then 50 recipes later share it again I will be in violation with Twitter. That is sad. I have a feeling this is going to hurt Twitter.

  25. LanceJ

    There is a simple fix to this. Rather than having a spinning box, let me add as many boxes as I like with future tweets that I can set the time on. The problem that Twitter has is with the "spinning" of the same tweet into multiple tweets and not "scheduling tweets" that are unique.

  26. scott

    I have two recurring tweets, which provide a status framework for my account each day. I am incredibly frustrated with twitter and I regret pouring endless amounts of work into it. Right now, my account is just sitting there.. Maybe I'll pull it and maybe I won't. I think these people at twitter are way too up themselves. Truth is, anyone can provide what they provide, and provide it better. Social Oomph?

    I run my own business, I'm a full time student – I don't have time for twitter to pull this crap on me. Such a huge lesson. I will never put so much work into someone else's system again.

    1. Laperegrina

      couldn't agree more! why can't twitter run a professional service like Social Oomph for those of us that are trying to get our company message out to as many people in as many timezones as possible. As so many others have stated this is effecting business big time I'm questioning if there is any practical use in Twitter within my campaigns now.

  27. Vince Love

    If this rule eliminates the spam, then it's a good thing indeed. Surely Twitter is just trying to reinforce its original ethos of egalitarian communication and sharing. It's clear that the service has fallen victim to stale interruption marketing tactics of late (the currently oft used word "pollution" is apt here) and I say fair-play to the guys at Social Oomph for supporting the new move on behalf of Twitter – if for no other reason to evolve their business rather than die. Notwithstanding, the top-notch support I've recieved from the guys here suggests a future for them in the "Twitter business" methinks. However this plays out, I personally am looking forward to much less Twitter crap from now on.

    1. @Tina_Williams

      Chris – you do a great job at keeping your Twitter stream interesting and engaging. I build Twitter Communities and have multiple client accounts so this does present a problem but not one that can't be resolved. Thanks for the offer with your phone #. Agree that it isn't as bad as it could be just a bit more work.

  28. Jo Ann

    what about the same tweet wording going to different twitter names/accounts? I send book info to bookstores. So the same message to a different bookstore. is this in jeopardy?

  29. HarrisFellman

    Here's a thought for a quick feature change.

    You could just have a "send all these tweets" function created.

    So, we can still upload 100 planned tweets to all go out … but sequentially in the order we give them to you instead of random. And once it hits the end of the list, it's done.

    No tweets repeated.

    1. socialoomph Post author

      That is how the existing tweet upload feature works. The first tweet in the text file is scheduled to go out first, then the second one in the file, etc.

  30. @RebeccaMcGrane

    I've found that setting up a "tweetpaign" is the best way to get the same message out without violating Twitter terms of service. It is a bit of pain but not really as I am using the free service – can't complain too much.
    So here's what I do:
    Draft core message including link of 100 characters of less
    Tweak/Spice up core message to create 4 to 6 messages per day I want to tweet
    Schedule Tweets to post every 6 to 8 hours
    Seems to be working well for me and my few piddly followers.

  31. Steve

    Please explain to me how someone "SPAMs" on twitter? Receiving tweets is voluntary. SPAM = Unwanted Solicitation. …. impossible on Twitter

    1. djtechnasty

      They don't get it.
      Why would twitter ignore their greatest asset: Spam = unfollowed, or follow if you like what is spammed
      Twitter does not need to discontinue recurring tweets, just teach it's users how to unfollow unwanted spammers.

  32. Carl Watts

    Apparently communicating is a crime according to Twitter. Everyone knows that most tweets are not seen by most due to the huge number of messages. So to stop duplicate posting, even if well intended by Twitter, defeats a lot of the vital purpose of twitter which is the communication of data, information and ideas! I heard Biz say he wanted twitter to have a positive impact on humanity. I am beginning to have doubts about this. The control of spam should NOT STOP normal communication. Twitter need to wake up and smell the coffee before someone moves the cup. Have a great day! follow me at Poet_Carl_Watts

  33. Ian

    I think I am going to agree with many here – is a bit daft by Twitter to not state what is a duplicate Tweet. For instance, many post “Just got into the office, having a coffee.” If I post this once now, does that mean that I can never ever post that again? Do I now need to find 365days times Xyears of things to do? Logically, there is a commercial limit to the number of tweets that twitter can afford to memorise – they are just not releasing that number. At some point, some one will figure that out, and then everyone will invent X versions of their message. This could have been a win-win for twitter, now its risking a social media backlash – or about to launch a new commercial repeat service of its own? Premium accounts at twitter here we come?

    1. socialoomph Post author

      If you review what Professional offers on our home page, it will be clear that recurring tweets were just one small part of our business model.

      1. shaun

        I know you say it was a small part but that small part drove me here and hundreds of my business partners – It has affected many of us now, I understand its not your fault but have no idea what to do now?

  34. Rich

    This new regulation sucks! The big question everyone here truly has is…can I tweet a message today, then again tomorrow (with a bunch of tweets in between)? Would that be considered recurring tweet? If so, there’s only so many ways to word 140 characters…people may be creative and come up with 100 different ways to market their link…but then what? This is a shot in the foot for twitter too!

  35. Andrew

    Twitter can't stop recurring tweets coming in. I can copy and paste the same tweet over and over all day. (I'm not actually going to do this BTW). They can filter it out by spotting the repetition – but what if I change one word every time?
    What they object to (I believe) is SocialOomph's open business model, which makes it clear how to use spinnable recurring tweets to get around repetition filters.
    What's to stop a spammer setting up the same system and NOT advertising how it works? They can quietly sell it to their spammy friends. How will Twitter know what's going on?
    I don't think levels of spam on Twitter will fall – spammers will always find a way through. It's quality recurring content that will fall, and businesses like SocialOomph will suffer.
    Twitter are still finding their way in all this – they still don't have a business model that works for them!

  36. Mike McQ

    Using Social Oomph, How can I create individual tweets for my twitter account and still have them recurring every so often without voilating twitter duplicate post rules. i.e. If you post duplicate content over multiple accounts or multiple duplicate updates on one account. – What is the threshold for duplicate message in a 24hr period?

  37. tssi

    The problem is with Twitter, a startup with no clear business strategy. They have a track record of imposing arbitrary and poorly thought out rules. It is their money and prospects, of course, but sad to witness.

    I am left to wonder when another organization will come along that does it better – and at a profit.

  38. E.Umana

    This really bites, I logged in to do some recurring tweets and then I saw this. I need to figure things out. I must say that I am disappointed with this new policy.

  39. mike corso


    Seems like your #1 Feature on the home page should be removed…

    SocialOomph Features

    Schedule tweets — Plan, set & forget! [more]
    Schedule tweets and keep your Twitter stream ticking over with new tweets even when you're not in front of your computer. Publish tweets when you know your international followers are online and you're asleep.

  40. Leroy Grey

    PLEASE, some clarification before the 15th (tomorrow!!). No one has hit on what I believe is the REAL reason why Twitter is shutting down recurring tweets. My most successful RT's are those involving links to videos exposing Pres. Obama's lie on healthcare (it even has him and others admitting, at one of their dem. party gatherings, where they never considered someone would be taping with their cell phone, that the public option WOULD destroy private insurers and that was their goal!) and the other one is the truth about the federal reserve and how it increasingly controls our lives, robbing us all without compensation via inflation. #tcot is the number one, most successful tool against those (and other) lies and your recurring tweet service allowed me and many, many others to post the truth every so many hours regardless of whether or not I was at my computer, exponentially increasing the effectiveness of the Top Conservatives on Twitter.

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