Create A Free Extended Twitter/Social Profile With SocialOomph

The user profile or bio area that you have available on your Twitter account is very short and very limited. You can add a bit of text and one URL.

With our extended Twitter profiles you can:

  • Create a detailed profile with a lots of text.
  • Include as many hyperlinks in your extended profile as you want.
  • Format the extended profile with HTML tags in exactly the way you want.
  • Use a very easy WYSIWYG editor to write and format your extended profile.

The extended profile is hosted on our system, and we will automatically show your Twitter background on your extended profile, which means your visitor has a seamless experience between your Twitter account and your extended profile.

Your extended profile is linked to from the Web (or Twitter profile) URL that is available on your Twitter account.

The extended profile is linked to with either a long URL, or a shortened URL, according to your choice. If you have updated your SocialOomph account with your authenticated account, then we create the short URL using your account, which means you can track clicks to your extended profile.

You can also enable or disable user comments on your extended profile.

For an example, click the “Web” URL in our @SocialOomph Twitter account profile, or go directly to our extended social profile. You can have one just like it that you write yourself and that is styled in accordance with your Twitter account styling.

This new feature is gratis. It’s part of our free service offering and everyone can enjoy it.

Getting your own extended social profile is super easy:

  1. Register a free account on
  2. Add your Twitter account to your SocialOomph account.
  3. Select “Social Accounts, Extended Profiles” from the menu and write your free profile.

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