RSS To Blog With SocialOomph

Not too long ago we announced that you can now write and schedule blog posts with SocialOomph.

We have now expanded that feature with “RSS to blog”.

What that means is you can now grab one or more (in fact as many as you like) RSS feeds and automatically create blog post entries from the RSS feed entries.

At the same time, you can also publish updates to social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) using those same entries on the RSS feed.

With SocialOomph it is now possible to populate your blog with hand-crafted scheduled blog posts, combined with posts that are created from external RSS feeds.

We use our existing Blog Feed feature for RSS To Blog, which means you can filter the RSS feed entries and only create a new blog post from them when they include certain keywords in the text.

RSS To Blog is a SocialOomph Professional feature.

You access it by:

  1. Adding your blog to your SocialOomph account.
  2. Adding a Blog Feed account, and selecting your blog (and other accounts) as the target for the Blog Feed.

One Blog Feed can feed as many blogs and social networking accounts as you want, and you can feed as many Blog Feeds into one blog and/or social networking account as you want.

16 thoughts on “RSS To Blog With SocialOomph

  1. Skypehelper

    Good move, Dewald!

    I actually post tweets from 2-3 RSS feeds to my Twitter account. I have successfully set up one, how do I add the 2nd and 3rd?

    Many thanks!


      1. Sue

        I thought you meant Social Oomph had some special specifications. All the RSS feeds I am adding are active feeds and have been that way for years. I was thinking more along the lines of which one works better like xml vs feedburner etc

  2. Brian Bowman

    Just tried the RSS to Blog…and for some reason – it's not posting. It did successfully filter on keywords…and pull the new blog post into my Social Oomph account, but after I set the post date – the day/time just passed..and it didn't publish…please advise. Thank you.

  3. @iCoSign

    SocialOomph is a sweet tool by the way… but my concern is; I have a free account and would love to test this new feature but I can't find out how, will you please help me?

  4. @CosmicRay55

    This is a really useful feature – I think!! There is something about the simplicity of the RSS idea that completely leaves my brain cold!! How would I find a feed relevant to, for instance: successful iPhone apps produced by the little guys or great value blog resources? When I have googled these sorts of searches, I run into a kind of mental block.

  5. Brian Bowman

    I just did this….when you google say the 'Google News' area…enter your keyword/phras and click the SEARCH NEWS button…you'll get news stories. The URL on this page is an RSS feed. Use that URL to Add a Feed to your blog. Works nice!

  6. fxgeorges

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