Schedule Updates for Google Buzz

We’ve released the first round of Google Buzz integration in SocialOomph.

You can now schedule Buzz posts in exactly the same way that you can schedule Twitter tweets and Facebook updates.

In addition, your Buzz posts can have attached links to external sites and pages, as well as attached photos.

The Buzz API (the part of the Buzz system that we integrate with) is still very new, and needs additional work by Google before we can add additional Buzz features. That’s why we call this release only the first round.

Google Buzz integration is available to both Free and Professional users.

Professional users have additional features, such as recurring posts and drip-feeding their Buzz accounts available to them.

Select “Social Accounts, Add New Account, Add Buzz” in the menu to add your Buzz profile to your list of social accounts.

1 thought on “Schedule Updates for Google Buzz

  1. Bowmanave

    Google buzz has slowly grown on me. I did not like it at first, but it is nice to have all those applications tied together on one platform. Makes managing your social networking that much easier.

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