How To Get More Quality Followers And Friends

You probably agree that it is tough to find good quality people to follow on Twitter and Google Buzz. It is even more difficult to get interested and engaged people to follow you.

There is now a solution.

The best place to meet others is at the hub, where everyone else is also looking for the same thing you are looking for. To grow your list of followers and friends, and do so with good quality accounts.

Here are a few highlights:

– Easily find thousands of potential friends that meet your specific criteria.

– Make yourself findable for your specific keywords.

– Show your custom profile description to people who find you, and even do A/B split testing on your profile description.

– Roll all your new followers on all your social accounts (Twitter and Buzz) into one group where you can easily review them and decide if you want to follow, ignore, or block them. This is a mighty time saver.

– Place the people you followed on all your social accounts into one common group, where you can monitor them to see what they tweeted, are they following you back, have they become dormant, etc.

There’s a lot more. is your powerful multi-account friend and follower management tool. It is not one of those shady follower acquisition schemes that will get you into trouble with Twitter.

Even though the features included in the launch version are very powerful, we are already working on even more awesome additions.

Check it out now.

You got to be at the hub.

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