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Imagine when Mary sends an email from to, that email is published as a social update on your Twitter account, tagged with ^Mary, and on your Facebook Page with no author tag. When she sends an email from to, the email is published as a social update to your Twitter account, tagged with ^MaryM. When Peter sends an email from to, the email is published to your Twitter account, tagged with ^Peter.

That’s what you can do with our brand-new “Submit Social Updates via Email” feature, and more.

Email from approved source –> Email account you own –> Social update –> Your social account(s)

Imagine you, and your employees, being able to:

  • Send emails from their existing email addresses to an email address that you own (on your own server, or on Gmail, Hotmail, etc.);
  • Have those emails turned into standard social updates and published on your Twitter account(s), your Facebook account(s), your Facebook Page(s), and other social accounts;
  • Have the updates automatically tagged with an author tag that you define (eg., ^Mary or ^JohnD);
  • Append a URL to the update text, which will automatically be shortened via either or, from where you can get click stats;
  • Submit social updates for all your social accounts in this manner using only email and one SocialOomph Professional account;
  • Do it securely so that only authorized email addresses can submit social updates.

Being able to create social updates from emails is particularly useful where:

  • You browse the web and email a link to that web page via your browser’s menu, or via an “email” link on the web page itself (provided that you can specify the From address);
  • You want several people to contribute updates to your social accounts with minimum disruption of their work routines and maximum efficiency.

This feature is included in SocialOomph Professional. If you have a Professional account, then you have access to it.

Login to your SocialOomph account to access the feature.

It is under “Scheduled Updates, Send Updates via Email” in the menu.

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